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The health of our community is incredibly important to us, and we are taking restrictions due to COVID-19 very seriously. We have limited our schedule and updated our policies in order to do our part in keeping our brides and our staff safe. 

  • We will be working with one bride at a time.  Leaving ample time in between appointments to completely disinfect the  studio

  • A maximum of 8 pieces will be allowed in the fitting room. 

  • Two guests will be allowed at this time, and we will provide a stand for Facetiming those important loved ones! 

  • Bride & Stylist are required to properly wear masks during the entire appointment. The One Bridal staff will be properly sanitizing and washing their hands before each fitting, we ask that you do the same. 

  • Symptoms and Travel - If you or your guest have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within two weeks of our appointment, we ask that you reschedule.  

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